Why Explainer Videos Will Transform Your Estate Agency.

As recent first time buyers my wife and I have spent many hours looking at estate agency websites and visiting local offices over the last six months. Being relatively unfamiliar with the whole house buying process and working in the online marketing industry I’ve been surprised to see a distinct lack of variation and creativity among estate agency websites and observe how often they fail to engage website visitors and reflect their high street services.

Throughout our buying journey there were areas that some estate agents excelled in whereas others did not. Personal touches including guidance, advice, keeping us well informed and even home improvement ideas went a long way to securing our business. It seems that it is these areas that are most overlooked on estate agents websites.

As property companies compete for prime digital real estate and aim to separate themselves from their competitors, we look at how explainer videos can transform underperforming websites and provide a greater opportunity for them to showcase and present their businesses on the internet as they would to new customers that walk through their doors.

Depending on how you look at it, online consumers either lack any kind of attention span or are notoriously impatient, either way the biggest challenge your website has is to grab their attention. Unless you engage people quickly as you would do in your high street offices they’ll leave. To this end explainer videos are a fantastic way to grab the attention of website visitors and provide you with the opportunity to convey a sense of personality in your brand which can be very difficult to do through text and pictures alone.

So, what are explainer videos?
On average website visitors skim your web pages, reading less than 20% of the text content, so if your website relies heavily upon text and pictures, it’s failing to properly engage your audience and convey your messages.

Recent Studies have shown that videos on websites increase the time that visitors stick around from eight seconds to two minutes, and that explainer videos specifically increase understanding of what you offer by up to 15%. Explainer’s are typically short, easy to understand videos designed to illustrate the features and benefits of your business. They often start by defining some of the key issues and concerns that customers have and then offer a solution in the form of your products and services, ending with a call to action.

As well as serving as a great introduction to your estate agency where you can convey your brand principles and instil trust, explainer videos can also be used to explain subject matters that surround buying, selling and letting property in a much more compelling way than expecting visitors to read through swathes of text content.


As first time buyers it wasn’t until my wife and I spoke to sales agents that we began to understand things like conveyancing, surveys and the other intricacies of purchasing a property. It seems that many agents miss huge opportunities to add value to their websites with genuinely useful content that can not only help retain their target audience but help to persuade prospective clients to contact them.

As consumers like myself increasingly turn to video content to find out about the products and services we demand, making use of explainer videos for your property business can help you benefit from an increasingly influential marketing channel.

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