Why do animated videos work on audiences?

Coca Cola have been the latest of a string of high profile brands to make use of animation to connect with audiences. Coca Cola’s latest commercial, “Man and Dog” is a wonderful 60 second 2D animation that revolves around seeing the world through the eyes of a dog.



We are visual creatures and sight trumps all our other senses, when we tell a story, communicate an idea or explain how something works visually people remember it.

For most of us animation in the form of cartoons helped us as children to make sense of the world around us, and they continue to entertain us into adulthood, often through humour in cartoons such as The Simpsons, well placed ‘grown up humour’ in Pixar movies or through political cartoons in the press.

Illustrations have for thousands of years remained a universal form of communication and are deeply embedded into the human brain. Animations tap into this perfectly, and makes them ideal for explaining complex subjects, getting across ideas and telling stories.

As multi channel businesses we have an incredibly short amount of time to engage online audiences, not to mention retain their attention. Explaining what you do succinctly is not easily achieved through text alone, in fact ask yourself – What would you rather do, read two thousand words or watch a 2 minute video?

Have you ever found yourself grabbing for a pen and paper to explain a concept or idea, how your latest product or service works, perhaps how a new drug targets cancer cells or even to explain what a hung parliament means? Well describing and explaining things succinctly can be difficult, and if customers are met by a wall of text having clicked into a website very often they don’t stick around, and this is where animated videos can help.

Animation is widely used in ‘explainer videos’ – because it’s a whole lot easier to show people what you do than just tell them. Furthermore animation has the unique ability to cut through the noise, focus the attention and get to the point.

Good animation not only entertains but also helps us to retain and recall the information we’ve watched. Recent studies have found that on average there was a 15% improvement in how people recalled information they absorbed from watching whiteboard animations.

Animation is an incredibly rich visual format limited only by ones imagination. From the most basic motion graphics and kinetic typography through to the most involved CGI and hand-drawn frame by frame Disneyesque productions it can be used to transport the viewer off to outlandish fictional places, where inanimate objects can morph into others, have their own personalities and where intangible products and services can be easily explained.

Whether its telling people what you do, explaining an idea or placing your product within an entertaining narrative like Coca Cola have done, animation is the perfect way to grab the attention of your audience, add a bit of fun and imagination into their lives and retain their attention.

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