Who didn’t check domain availability?


This week saw Google unveil a surprise restructuring creating a whole new parent company called Alphabet Inc.

This surprising move was met with a combination of bewilderment and excitement as it has to be said that no one saw Google going through a rebranding exercise – ever!

While the corporations best known businesses including Apps, Adwords, Youtube and Android will remain under Google, its latest entities and ventures, namely its experimental research and development divisions will fall under the new Alphabet brand.

The move reflects Google’s increasing interest in projects, companies and technologies that are far removed from the companies original internet search products, such as its ‘smart home’ brand Nest, and to this end isn’t complete madness.

What might have been complete madness, or just stupidity is the fact that Google didn’t opt for a name they had already secured a domain for, or at the very least googled the name before they restructured the company and announced it to the world.

The Alphabet.com domain is in fact owned by someone else; ‘meh’ I hear you say, Larry and Sergey will simply offer oodles of cash and whomever currently owns the domain will hand it over and live happily ever after. Perhaps not though, as it turns out Alphabet.com is owned by the Germans, in fact none other than auto giant BMW, who happen to own a fleet services company with the same name and currently own the domain. Further still a spokesman for the carmaker told the Times the company isn’t planning on selling its domain and that Alphabet is a large part of its business.


According to Google co-founder Larry Page the name Alphabet.com was chosen because it represents language, “the core of how we index with Google search”. He went on to add that “we also like that it means alpha-bet which we strive for!” (Alpha is investment return above benchmark.)

It turns out that Google’s communication skills have failed them on this particular occasion, so if you’re looking to find out more about Alphabet Inc simply google alph….  Oh sorry on second thoughts don’t do that unless you want to hire a BMW, instead visit https://abc.xyz/ because this represents ‘epic fail’.

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