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Not Your Average Whiteboard Explainer Videos!

Here at Yudle, we love to draw! We are not happy just creating bog-standard clipart based whiteboard animations as you’ve seen them before. We want to create wonderfully unique artwork just for you. But firstly, we want to understand who you are, why you need a whiteboard animation and what you need the video to communicate. This will give us the basis to create a beautiful whiteboard animation that’ll leave your viewers with a lasting impression.

Our aim as a 2D animation company is to always produce videos that have that something extra, whiteboard animations with the WOW factor, that return on your investment by successfully engaging, entertaining and importantly, informing your target audience.

If you’re new to whiteboard animations, take a look at the below video and see just how easily they can work for you.

Our animated whiteboard explainer videos come in more than one flavour!

1# Black & White

This is our basic and budget friendly whiteboard style. This certainly doesn’t mean we sacrifice on quality! Our amazing creative team love to hand draw everything, bespoke to you and you only. We turn our noses up at ugly generic clipart, preferring to create gorgeous unique artwork that’ll help your whiteboard animation stand out from the crowd.

Vanilla Example

2# Colour

This is our most popular style. We give you the beautiful bespoke artwork you’d expect, but with some added jazz! Each uniquely hand drawn image will be wonderfully shaded in colour. Our clients love to shade their whiteboard videos in their own corporate colours, which ties into their brand and gives a very exclusive and professional look.

Orange Example

3# Colour + Motion

If you want your whiteboard video to really impress then we have just what you’re looking for. You’ll receive all the benefits of the previous whiteboard examples while introducing subtle yet beautiful motion animation.  Adding subtle animation to your whiteboard video helps to direct your viewers focus, keeping them entertained and fully engaged.

Chocolate Example
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