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Viral Video Content

you can’t make something viral, it just happens

What is Viral Video Content?

We have been asked a few times in the past, “ I want a viral video please” or “can you make my video go viral”. The short answer and only answer is no, sorry. Whilst we can take certain steps to try and give an animated video the best chance of going viral, there is no real control of what the general public decide is worth sharing or relevant in that moment.

So luck plays a large part in making viral video content but there are a few key things that can be done to help it on it’s way.

What are the things that help make a Video go Viral?

One of the most  important elements is to make sure you have a plan. Creating a video for the sake of creating a video is not the answer, you need to understand why you are creating the video, what is it’s purpose. Is it to simply entertain, or is to to re-enforce a brand or is it to drive traffic.

Once you know why you want a viral video, you then need to consider the target audience. Is this a animated video that you want to appeal to everyone, or is this an animated video that you want a specific demographic, or sector to respond to, and make it viral within a niche viewer base.

We have all seen the funny cat and dog videos and these are great and fine for a bit of amusement over a coffee to break up the day. But when it comes to marketing videos that need to ‘earn their keep’ and demonstrate a return on investment, then unfortunately a cute cat video just isn’t going to help you.

So what is the best content for a viral video?

This is a difficult one, as there is no real definitive answer. Some animated videos have gone viral and to be honest you look at it and think, why!!!??? This just re-enforces the fact that no one can make a video go viral, it just happens. But we have to start somewhere and give the animated video the best chance of going viral, so here are some simple questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about your viral video content.

  1. Is my viral video telling a story, just plain funny or hard hitting?
  2. Does my viral video content stand out from what others are doing?
  3. Will my viral video be remembered? 
  4. Are people likely to share my Viral video or is the content to dull and un-interesting?
  5. Does my viral video look too corporate and too much like an advert, if so, change it.

Where is the best place to promote my Viral Video Content?

Promoting a viral video really is a case of putting your video ‘out there’. This means you should post it on every social media platform you can. Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit to name just a few. You name it you should talk about it, link to it and start conversations about it.

Even if you are targeting a niche market you should approach the marketing of your viral video with a very broad brush, as you just never know who may see it and where. You then just need a little bit of luck.

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