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Videoscribe Animator

Whiteboard Animation Software

What is videoscribe explainer video software ?

Videoscribe is animation software created by the guys at Sparkle. It allows professional animation studios like us to create fun and engaging whiteboard videos.

So Videoscribe is basically a software tool to help in the animation process. It doesn’t give you the ability to be able to draw, but gives artists like us a set of simple tools to create animated whiteboard videos.

Who uses Videoscribe animation software?

Well, we do! Not always as each job can vary in its’ requirements. But when it comes to simple whiteboard videos Videoscribe is a great animation tool to help produce simple and quick animated videos. Videoscribe is also used within the education and training sectors, as the clip art library and simple to use interface allows in experienced users to piece together a whiteboard style video.

Like with any animation software Videoscribe still has a learning curve and there is a cost associated to using the software, currently around £500 as a one off payment. 

How does Videoscribe work?

Whilst videoscribe software has a library of built in ‘clip art’ we never use these as we find they tend to be limiting for the way in which we create videos. All the work we do is totally bespoke and unique to each client. So each drawing we do is started form scratch and the look and feel is established on a client by client basis.

Videoscribe animation software allows us to import the artwork we create. Usually the artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator, then exported as an SVG vector file. This file is then imported into the videsoscribe software and placed into the scene. In most cases each scene is broken down into multiple elements, so whilst it looks like one seamless drawing being animated, it is in fact multiple drawings placed in a way to give the illusion of one scene.

Doing this allows us more control over timing and how parts of the scene are drawn in. This is of course more complex but this is where our experience and skill using this software and understanding the animation process comes into play.

Once you have pieced all the scenes together in Videoscribe, you can then export this as a video file.

Are there any limitations of using Videsocribe?

Yes, with any animation software there can limitations. For example Videoscribe currently does not allow creating videos in 4K resolution. For social media use where you may want to create a square format canvas, there is no feature for this, so some clever video editing is needed once the video has been created.

The sound tools are very limited and quite awkward to use, so we prefer to do this outside of the software. This is why not all our whiteboard videos are created in this software. Like with all animation software it has it’s place, but it is not the answer to every situation.

In fact for most animated videos we produce, we use several different software solutions to produce the final animated video. 

Why don’t I just go off and use this myself then ?

There us nothing stopping you from trying out this software, but there are some key points that you need to consider. The first is experience, knowing what makes a video work and knowing how to structure and approach the animation process is very important and not to be overlooked.

There is then the learning curve and time to learn and use the software effectively. Plus you will need to organise a professional voice artist, then know how to time the video to this and piece all the elements together to make the video look professional.

All of this can take time, so there is always the weighing up of how much spare time you have, plus how much experience and knowledge do you hold in order to maximise the benefit of having a videoscribe style video.

The same can be said for any of the software use, like HarmonyAdobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator and After Effects. But each has a cost and a massive learning curve. But as mentioned earlier the most important factors are our skill and experience in doing what we do.

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