Using Animated Videos within Social Marketing

Video has never been so popular, and this isn’t about to change any time soon. But many companies have yet to embrace the full potential that video can bring, and often ‘play it safe’ with their approach and neglect a social marketing strategy.

Video can come in many shapes and forms, and as an animation studio we are constantly looking for new, fun and exciting ways to create video content. And whilst we do not claim to be social marketing experts, we do understand the importance of engaging content. So we have been exploring the benefits of creating shorter, snappier and quicker to produce animated ads that are perfectly formed to use in social media marketing campaigns. 

These mini marketing videos typically have no sound, no voice over, no music. They rely purely on a snappy visual message, sometimes accompanied with subtitles but designed to fit within social feeds on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

[ These 4 examples below, show how a different visual can be mixed with the same message, each one is designed to loop ]

The video format can remain as 1920×1080 pixels, but we have found the 600×600 pixel square format suits the way social feeds work and allows for creative flexibility in the way we present the video content.

The biggest challenge is encouraging clients to be brave with the type of message and content to put in the mini video. There is a very small window of opportunity to grab the attention of your audience, especially through social media, where the viewers attention can be swipe and move on. Whether the approach is thought provoking or funny, the visual message needs to be strong and creative. 

This may mean breaking out from the comfort zone of usual marketing strategies but you must remember the end goal. This may be to build brand awareness, grow your social network, gain more enquiries or attract quality staff. The fun part is there are no set rules for this, there is no magic ‘do this’ and you will succeed. Like with all marketing, you do your research, understand your audience, analyse and then strategise. Try something new, see how it performs then make further decisions and let it evolve.

The truly great thing about animated video content is that it can be called upon repeatedly, it’s not a one time use and can be re-posted and re-used on multiple social networks. The messages within the video can change to suit your needs making it more cost effective and flexible compared to longer explainer style videos. 

So we encourage you to explore new ways of using video content, whether this be mini video ads, explainer videos or animated MEMES, ah yes MEMES! That’s a subject for another day.

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