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Toon Boom Harmony Animator

2D Character animation at it’s best

Why is Yudle a Toon Boom Harmony Animator ?

Put simply, we believe that Toon Boom Harmony offers the most comprehensive and coolest set of tools for animating. We have been using the software within our studio for well over 5 years and allows us to create beautiful and dynamic character animations. Empowering us to be more productive, create smoother animations plus allowing us to keep production costs down.

The interface within Toon Boom Harmony is simple and intuitive, but if you peel back the layers, and delve deeper you find there is a host of tools and features that really help streamline the animation production process.

You can almost guarantee that in almost all our videos where we have needed character animation, Toon Boom harmony has been there to ensure high quality character animations.

What is Toon Boom Harmony animation software ?

Toon Boom Harmony animation is a powerful 2D animation software that allows you to create digitally animated art in an almost traditional paperless way. It is very much focused at animation studios, and has been used by some big names in the industry such as; FOX, NBC, Ubisoft, Disney and Cartoon Network to name just a few.

The software allows you to draw directly into it, this requires something like a Wacom Cintiq screen, but with a powerful set of drawing tools and effects you can sketch away and draw digitally, edit and manipulate your drawings and then animate these.

The animation tools themselves are very powerful allowing us to manipulate lines and parts of characters to retain fluid motion. A particular cool feature is using what’s know as Onion skins, so you can see the previous drawing and then trace the next frame over this. So very much like tracing but a really helpful tool when doing frame by frame animations. 

Are there any limitations of using Toon Boom Harmony animation ?

Toon Boom harmony is actually one of the very bits of software we use where there are few limitations. It does it’s job very well, but you have to understand that it is not one solution to fix all problems. Toon Boom Harmony fits really well into our production process, we use it mainly coffee character animations and when the animation requires a hand drawn look and feel. But we would not attempt to do a full video edit within the software. Instead we create assets or scenes, export these and edit them into other scenes and software.

As mentioned before our production process using many different software tools, we use the right one for the job rather than trying to do work-arounds. 

If you wanted to know about this software, it’s worth checking out their website.

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