The technicalities of kinetic typography in online video

What is kinetic typography?
We’re not going to spend too long explaining this one – it’s text that moves!

In particular we’re referring to text within online videos, whether in music videos, famous speeches, tributes or video animations, we’re looking at the various styles of kinetic text that are used to convey a specific idea, vision or emotion.

Temporal typography
Temporal typography is typography that appears to move or change its identity over time, one of the most widely recognised examples of this is Channel 4’s logo idents screened prior to the start of programmes – here the form relies upon the changing landscapes to create the number four. Temporal typography can be divided into three categories – dynamic layout, scrolling and fluid typography…



Dynamic layout typography
In dynamic layout typography the movement, size, form and direction of the letters and words is used to prioritise and emphasize messages over and above the background scene. This technique is often utilised for online explainer videos and is often at its most effective when it’s complemented by a coordinating voiceover.



Scrolling typography
Similar to dynamic layout scrolling typography is when text moves in a directional motion, this can be horizontally, vertically or even to give the idea of the text moving closer or further away. Scrolling typography can be used effectively to tell a story and allows the viewer to easily skip on. The celebrated scrolling introduction to Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes back is an early example of scrolling typography.



Fluid Typography
Fluid typography is the least used of the typography techniques we’ve described, namely as a result of the difficulty in creating it. With fluid typography individual letters and words can change and morph their shape, identity and location. Forms become malleable and fluid, letters and words can be created from forms and vice a versa.

Fluid typography is often used to animate logos, and it can be effectively used to represent multiple meanings and convey emotions.



There are no limits to how kinetic typography can be used, and with the proliferation of online video it has become an increasingly effective tool when engaging audiences, advertising products and services, promoting ideas and evoking emotions.

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