The Success Of Website Depends On…

The success of your website is determined by how quickly and effectively it communicates what you do, how well you do it and why customers should choose you.

If visitors to your website have to strain themselves to find the answers to these questions the chances are they’ll leave. Most businesses grossly under estimate how quickly web users make decisions and move on, and how swiftly they need to engage they’re attention. Two compelling figures illustrate the need to quickly engage website visitors…

  • In 2000 Microsoft research revealed that attention spans online had dropped from an average of 12 seconds to less than 8, that’s shorter than goldfish.
  • Usability tests from Global Information Measurement Company Nielsen reveal that people read less than 20% text content.

Although statistics alone don’t paint the whole picture they do illustrate how critical it is for businesses and organisations to look towards video content to communicate more effectively with their online audiences. As video consumption has surged in recent years marketers have turned to it as an effective way to engage and retain audiences.

For businesses homepage explainer videos have become popular as they look at creating more appealing content that’s not only easier and quicker for consumers to digest but that is also easier for them to share among others. You can use explainer videos in a number of ways from explaining complex subjects, promote big ideas and engaging investors in startups, to illustrating the features and benefits of your business and telling your brands story.

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