The importance of audio in your marketing videos.

As video continues to become an increasing part of the marketing mix we look at the importance of audio when creating content. Whether it’s an explainer video, product demo, training or public information video your audio content will influence the impact of it upon your audience.


Voice overs, backing music and sound effects all help set the tone of a video and portray a sense of personality and feeling. Choosing the right voice over can help add credibility and instil trust in your message, and most importantly reinforce the visual message. The right voice will either be very persuasive or off-putting and uninspiring, so consider carefully when creating your video.

The primary consideration for any marketing is the target audience and to this end it’s important when choosing a voice over artist for your video. Consider who your audience is as this should dictate whether or not a male or female voice is more suitable. Female voices are considered more soothing whereas male voices more forceful and authoritative. You should also consider the age of your audience and whether children may be suitable to voice your video if you are targeting them or their parents.

The right backing music along with it’s volume can either make us swing along and signup to the message or distract us from it and turn off altogether.

Consider the influence of sound and music in your favourite films, many of which may not have stood the test of time without such iconic musical contributions – Saturday Night Fever, Easy Rider, Top Gun and Dirty Dancing to name but a few. Marketing videos are of course much shorter than your average motion picture so hoping for the next number one hit from your explainer video is perhaps optimistic. Nevertheless the right jingle will increase the chances of your audience remembering you.

Don’t skimp on quality, we’ve all watched videos that we’ve strained to hear or understand what’s being said, either because of poor sound quality or over bearing backing music. If you’re creating videos either yourself or with a supplier ensure that you use professional voice over artists that record studio quality audio and that your music and sound effects are sourced from quality stock libraries.

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