Whiteboard Explainer videos or Scribes, what’s the difference?

There seems to be some confusion with regards to the terminology being used when it comes to ‘whiteboard style explainer videos’ or what can sometimes be called ‘scribe videos’. The later seems to be more oriented around the US market, whilst both scribe videos and whiteboard videos are one in the same thing. And certainly [...]

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What are whiteboard animations?

[coll_video][/coll_video]   Whiteboard Animations are short animated videos where you watch an artists drawing unfold accompanied by a spoken script. There are lots of ways whiteboards can be used from helping start-ups promote their big ideas and explaining complex subjects to increasing awareness of important issues and telling your very own story. Whiteboards are incredibly [...]

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Why do animated videos work on audiences?

Coca Cola have been the latest of a string of high profile brands to make use of animation to connect with audiences. Coca Cola’s latest commercial, “Man and Dog” is a wonderful 60 second 2D animation that revolves around seeing the world through the eyes of a dog. [coll_video][/coll_video]   WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE MAKING [...]

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Increasing web presence and customer engagement with an animated video on your home page

[coll_video][/coll_video] The trend for using online videos has and continues to increase incredibly quickly, providing both B2C and B2B consumers with a tide of imaginative and innovative content to feast their eyes on. Short animated videos including whiteboard explainers are proven to be extremely effective in capturing the imagination and engaging audiences. Showcase your assets [...]

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The science of animated whiteboard videos

How animated whiteboard videos engage audiences and improve the transfer of knowledge - making them great for your business... Today we watch more video than ever before, on average there’s around six billion hours of video watched per month on YouTube alone. Super-fast wifi and high definition smartphones, tablets and iPads enable us to conveniently watch online from [...]

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Making use of whiteboard animations for startups

Online videos have fast become an essential element of digital marketing for businesses, and in particular for startups looking to engage and expose their brands to a wider audience. Video is perfect for startups looking to make a lasting impression, and making use of engaging explainer videos, business presentations, and product/service demonstrations can go a [...]

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