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Startup Marketing Videos

New Business? New Idea? then you need a new video!

What Are Startup Marketing Videos?

So you have a new business venture, or you are launching a new idea, then a Startup Marketing Video is just what you need.

Startup Marketing Videos are an ideal solution to building awareness and driving traffic to your website. 

We would recommend that the video is no longer than 1 to 2 minutes and that the message is kept short and snappy.

Do Startup Marketing Videos Work?

Yes, of course they do; Startup Marketing videos are amongst one of the most successful ways to market and promote your brand. They are far more memorable and you have a better opportunity to visually attract your audience, who would prefer to watch a 1 minute marketing video than read 1000 words on a page.

What things should I consider with my Startup marketing Video?

The chances are you probably have a lot of information and that you are really excited to tell everyone about your new business or product. The key is to keep your Startup Marketing video as snappy and to the point as much as possible.

You will be tempted to talk about every feature in great detail, this is understandable, you’re excited about what you have to offer and that’s great. But thinning this down to only a handful of key points is difficult but essential.

If the viewer wants more information, then great the video has done it’s job and you can send them through to your website or encourage them to contact you for more information.

How Much is a Startup Marketing Video?

We fully appreciate that as anew venture your budget may be limited, so costs for a animated Startup Marketing video can vary from job to job, but as a guide, we recommend around £1,000 per minute as a guide. There are of course many factors that can affect the price, such as how complex the drawings are, how many drawings need to be created and the style of drawing. The length of the Animated startup video will also affect costs. There is also consideration given to how much time is spent helping to produce the script in the first instance, plus whether there is a professional voice over and music being used.

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