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What is Social Media Video ?

We regularly work with Marketing Agencies, Digital Agencies and Marketeers to help bring animated social media video content to their customers. This can be anything form small animated banners, through to lengthier animated explainer videos.

This is an exciting growth area for us, and something we encourage more customers to take take advantage of.

Where can I use my Animated Social Media Videos ?

Animated Video Content can be used in all the major social networks, so the obvious ones to take advantage of are and . Each social network has it’s own requirements in terms of video formats, but you should also take into account that each network has a slightly different user base and the networks themselves are used in different ways.

Should I create Animated Social Media Videos for Facebook ?

Short answer is of course, yes! Although there have been reports that the statistics that Facebook have been producing on video engagement are distorted. The true benefit of creating video content for Facebook is hard to gauge. But with Millions of daily users you certainly can’t afford not to be making use of it in some way.

The trick is to understand the audience that will be using Facebook, and then to create the right sort of content to engage with them.

Should I create Animated Social Media Videos for Twitter ?

Twitter is a useful platform to sign-post users to your content. So rather than uploading a video directly to Twitter, we would recommend placing the video with your website or other suitable location where you wish to attract traffic. Then use Twitter to talk about this content and link people through to it.

Should I create Animated Social Media Videos for Linkedin ?

Linkedin is a very business focus social network, so if your aim is to do business with other business professionals then creating content for Linkedin is a must. Here video content can be a mixture of short ad style animations, through to full length explainer videos or how-to’s. Again like with all marketing you need to understand your audience and create the content that will work best in the chosen environment.

Where else should I use my Social Media Videos?  is often overlooked as a social platform, but in-fact has a very active user base, plus it benefits from being the second largest search engine. The advantage with Youtube is that it is is geared totally towards video content, so an ideal platform. The downside is being found as with any search engine style platform, but this is where your Marketing guys should really come into their own.

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