Smartview recruitment discuss their animated explainer video.

Surrey based Recruitment specialists Office Zebra signed off on their latest animated explainer video by Yudle Animation to promote their candidate selection platform Smartview.



Business Development Director Bekky Cavender discusses how “the team at Smartview recognised the power and impact of animation and the clarity it provides.
 An animated explainer ensured we delivered a succinct and clear message on the who, why, what, and how in an engaging format.
 It is true, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The aim was to create an explainer video that would illustrate the features and benefits of the Smartview platform to potential recruitment companies and HR professionals, communicating all the key messages in a compelling and engaging way.

Bekky discussed her and her teams experience of working with us on their video… “The team at Yudle completely understood the value proposition of the service to be marketed which allowed them to become an extension of the Smartview team.
 They are extremely pleasant to work with which made the process an exciting one rather than stressful.”

The style was based upon visuals that were provided of a new Smartview website in the making. Having spent time optimising an initially expansive script to concentrate on key messages we set out to create a professional, informative and engaging video that had just the right balance of information and engagement.

Bekky ads “Yudle ensured that everything was explained, took the time to understand all the elements of the product and go to market strategy. It never felt rushed or frustrated, there was always flexibility and open communication where both parties felt able to offer constructive criticism which ensured the final product was on message, on design and on time.”

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