Rebate Rabbit 2D Animated TV Commercial

Rebate Rabbit Commercial


The first step was to design the super hero rabbit. We created several concepts from cute and cuddly through to buff and brave. One of the designs was decided upon which was great, as sometimes the concept stage can take a bit of going back and forth to fine tune.

The animation was for a 30 second TV ad, we were provided with a clear script and got to work on animating. Some of the jumping animation of the rabbit was created in a  more traditional hand drawn fashion, whilst other scenes were animated using cut-out style 2D rigged characters. Even the crowd of people were all subtly animated and rigged and became quite time consuming but worth it!

Rebate Rabbit Artwork
Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Sketch
Character Concepts


As with all TV productions, there is a lengthy approval process and certain requirements must be met to meet broadcasting standards. The final product was aired without any hitches and looked great. Toon Boom Harmony was used for the majority of work, with the wording and money animations being animated in Apple Motion.

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