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Here’s how we work, along with some useful tips to help plan your video

Within this page we aim to answer those all important questions, such as what happens next, what do I need to do to prepare information for the video and do these guys like coffee. The Coffee question by the way is an easy one, Yes! We love coffee!

Depending on what we have agreed within your bespoke proposal, some parts of this page may not relate to you specifically but we wanted to make sure we cover all aspects of how we work to be as transparent as possible. This will ensure your experience working with us is as smooth, stress-free and as creative and productive as possible.

Video Preparation

Writing a draft script and focus on those key points.

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What we need…

A draft script and examples of work you like all help.

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We’ll provide our creative feedback to help finalise script.

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Ideas & Concepts

Creating concepts and agreeing an art style.

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2D Character Design and 2D animation Studio

Storyboard Your Video

A crucial part to the production process to visually agree the script.

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Voice Over & Music

We’ll organise the voice over and provide sample music for you to choose.

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Animation Production

With script and visuals approved, we set about animating.

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Post Production

Here we focus on timing, special effects, sound effects and music.

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