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Medical Explainer Videos

Whether it’s to explain a serious operation or educate

What Are Medical Explainer Videos?

We have worked on various Medical Explainer Videos over the years, from showing how a specific medical procedure is carried out, to showing cross sections of internal organs being operated on.

No matter what your requirements, we have a great deal of experience in the medical sector, and have produced several Medical Explainer Videos over the years.

Namely we have produced Medical Explainer Videos for, Hyperglycaemia, Cirrhosis, Asthma, Biosimilars, Ear Infections and Urodynamics.

We have also created animated Medical Explainer videos for operating theatre supplies, such as slip mats and cable covers.

How do Animated Medical Explainers differ from normal Explainer Videos?

In some ways Medical Explainer videos are very similar. The main factor that separates these is that sometimes the subject matter can be quite complex, so there is a bigger learning curve when trying to understand the procedure.

Without a full understanding of what happens, it obviously makes it difficult to produce an animated Explainer Video that makes any sense to the viewer. So we work hard with the client to understand the procedure and make recommendations on how to approach this visually.

On Some occasions the Animated Explainer Video requires a more light hearted approach, so we can adopt a more playful art style. But in most cases, especially when showing cross section of internal organs, these need to represent the real life organ otherwise they would be unrecognisable.

How Much Do Animated Medical Explainer Videos Cost?

Costs for an Animated Medical Explainer videos can vary from job to job, but as a guide, we recommend around £1,000 per minute as a guide. There are of course many factors that can affect the price, such as how complex the drawings are, how many drawings need to be created and the style of drawing. The length of the Medical Explainer video will also affect costs. There is also consideration given to how much time is spent helping to produce the script in the first instance, plus whether there is a professional voice over and music being used.

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