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Marketing Videos

Animated Marketing Videos that convert

What is a Animated Marketing Video?

An animated Marketing video is a powerful marketing tool. Compared to a written page on a website, a marketing video will be more engaging and more likely to encourage a potential customer to take action.

Unlike other forms of marketing, a marketing video is visually more engaging, plus it reaches multiple senses at the same. A proven fact that watching and listening to a video makes your content far more memorable and thus far more likely get in touch.

What makes a good Animated Marketing Video?

As with any marketing video, you need to plan carefully and take into careful consideration your target audience and the message you wish to convey. 

In most cases you need to hit the viewer in the first 5 seconds with a strong message. Especially if you intend to market your video on Youtube using their pre-roll advertising system.

What is a Youtubes pre-roll Marketing Video advertising ?

This is where a 5 second advert appears in front of the main video you are about to watch on Youtube. There is typically a ‘skip’ button in the bottom right hand corner so you can skip this advert once the 5 seconds has counted down.

So you basically have 5 seconds to win the viewer over with your animated Marketing Video. So this means avoiding any intro logos or slow pace scenes. With this form of video advertising you want to hit the viewer with a strong powerful message straight away. Get them curious or wow them with an offer to good to miss. This will mean they either watch your full marketing video which is great, or better yet click on the ad itself to go to more information.

Any tips for planning an Animated Marketing video?

Animated Marketing Video differ slightly to normal Animated Explainer Videos. With Animated Explainer Videos you are usually presenting to a slightly more informed audience, the video itself tis either on a web page surrounded by other supporting information. Plus the viewer is likely to have been sent to the video by some other form of marketing.

So an Animated Marketing Video can be much shorter, 30 seconds or less. Have a hard hitting message, something that intrigues or excites the user into wanting to know more. In an ideal world you should be quite brave and think outside of the box when it comes to Animated Marketing Videos. And remind yourself that you are trying to drive traffic, and to not go into too much detail, keep it snappy and quick. 

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