Making use of whiteboard animations for startups

Online videos have fast become an essential element of digital marketing for businesses, and in particular for startups looking to engage and expose their brands to a wider audience. Video is perfect for startups looking to make a lasting impression, and making use of engaging explainer videos, business presentations, and product/service demonstrations can go a long way to cultivating your brands awareness to those that count.

As with television advertising online videos combine the potent combination of sound and vision to engage audiences, not only making it quicker to convey complex messages but also making them more likely to be remembered.

While conversion rates of video marketing are far greater, upwards of 200% more than traditional media, not every video is guaranteed of hitting the right mark. For a video to prompt a tangible reaction in the form of an enquiry it must have just the right balance of information and engagement.



On average we only remember 20% of what we hear and 30% of what we see… But we remember 70% of what we see and hear

Artistic storytelling
Whiteboard animations are one of the groundbreaking techniques employed by video marketers to leave a lasting impression on their target audience, and are perfect at explaining complex subjects, as proven by the RSA who popularised the ‘whiteboard explainer video’ format through their RSA Animate channel.

This relatively simple but effective form of video animation presents an idea or message in the form of a live drawing by an artist, and complements it by a corresponding voice over. This maximises the viewers understanding of the subject by fixing their eyes on the artistic content being sketched out before them while asserting the messages with a corresponding voice over. If employed well this technique is remarkably watchable, almost hypnotic.

Startups often make use of whiteboards to demonstrate and appeal to potential customers and investors. They can focus their attention on telling their story, from the conception of an idea or process to its growth and evolution using a friendly and emollient format.

Low cost
A well thought out and conceptualised whiteboard offers great value for money for both the viewer and the brand it represents. With no considerations around live filming, actors, lighting and locations, the costs involved in creating a video makes them hugely cost effective and appealing for startups.

For audiences video content provides minimum effort to consume, be it product demonstrations, corporate videos, pitches and much more, right from their smartphones or tablets, whenever and wherever they are.

Multipurpose tools
Whiteboard animations can be utilised to replace a multitude of other tools and media for businesses and organisations. They’re often used as explainer videos placed upon website homepages to quickly explain the features and benefits of products and services to visitors.

The flexibility of the format has led to them being used all over the internet, including some unusual places from replacing live training videos to government communications and celebrity interviews.

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