Making use of virtual catwalks


Virtual catwalks have become popular tools for many of the heavyweight fashion brands including H&M, Net-a-Porter and Asos, but can smaller independent retailers easily make use of this format without incurring huge costs?


It’s always been a challenge for retailers to duplicate the experience their customers get in-store on their ecommerce websites, and none more so for those selling clothing and apparel. Typically buying these kinds items has a lot to do with the touch and feel of the materials there made from and what they’re going to look like when we put them on, aspects that are very difficult to recreate online.

When we talk to small independent retailers they’re often under the impression that video and making use of it in the way of virtual catwalks is well out of their reach, due to the potential expenses and hassle attached to undertake the task in hand, when in actual fact all a virtual catwalk is, in essence is a simple video clip placed within their website, a video clip just like many of take on a regular basis on our smart phone.

Most ecommerce solutions will provide the ability to easily add videos to your product pages, as for producing your videos all you really need is a camera, a little space and some willing models. As with static product images, consistency is the key to good results. Many retailers put aside a place in their premises to photograph products and it should be no different for a catwalk. Neutral backgrounds and consistent daylight lighting are ideal. Most modern smart phones and compact digital cameras have perfectly acceptable video capabilities to create a good enough catwalk videos to use online. You certainly don’t require a BBC production team.

Poule de Luxe, a small independent boutique based in London recently added a catwalk as part of an overhaul of their ecommerce store, in a bid to create a more interactive experience for their website visitors and show off their unique line of products. Having chosen to use their existing photographers to extend their service to include a video they were then able to add the videos to their ecommerce website and properly demonstrate the products they produced.

The use of video whether selling clothing or any other items can utterly reinvent your website and product offering. Furthermore video content can be used in a number of ways to expose new customers to your brand and has become an increasingly influential signal for search engines when positioning websites in organic search engine results.

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