Jawa Wars Animated Short

Jawa Wars


A silly little short animation that shows what really happened when the Jawas tried to capture R2D2 in Star Wars – The New Hope.

We wanted to keep the camera showing mostly landscape to avoid too many angle changes and remove the need to re-draw characters too much. The goal was to keep things as simple as possible in terms of character creation but still produce something that looks high-end and professional. The Jawas for example we’re all animated form the same rigged character with subtle movement changes.

Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Flying
Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Sketch


R2D2 was mainly created in Photoshop as layers, and then imported into ToonBoom Harmony for rigging then animating. The head rotation on R2 was done by ensuring the various details on the head were held within a Mask, this allowed me to slide them left to right in a contained space.

The AT-ST was also created in photoshop, broken down into the various body parts, then imported into ToonBoom Harmony to rig and then animate. The subtle dust effects and lasers were all added in post production using After Effects and Apple Motion.

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