Increasing web presence and customer engagement with an animated video on your home page

The trend for using online videos has and continues to increase incredibly quickly, providing both B2C and B2B consumers with a tide of imaginative and innovative content to feast their eyes on.

Short animated videos including whiteboard explainers are proven to be extremely effective in capturing the imagination and engaging audiences.

Showcase your assets
The aim of any marketing should be to show what you do, how good you are at doing it, and why consumers should choose you. All this can be done by using an animated video on the homepage of your website. A video can be used to convey all your key messages and USP’s in a fraction of the time that it takes to read your text content, not to mention with a lot less effort.

Time is of the essence
In early 2014 data revealed that over 55% of website visitors spent less than 15 seconds on websites – granted this kind of data varies depending on what kind of industry you’re in, however we all know (from our own habits) that we’re pretty quick to click away from a website that doesn’t immediately grab our attention.

We’re all watching more online video
Although I’m not a big fan of statistics they do speak volumes when illustrating the trend towards online video and how it’s becoming a preferred format for online consumers.


  • Youtube receives more than a billion unique visits every month – that’s more than Yahoo, Bing and Ask combined
  • 50% of all mobile internet traffic is from people watching online videos
  • Videos within email marketing increases your click through rates up to 200%
  • Videos are liked, shared, tweeted and mentioned in social media more so than any other format.
  • Videos increase understanding in products and services by 74%

Declutter, organise and simplify your offering
The home page of your website can be an awfully tricky area of your business to get right, albeit vitally important that you do. It must engage quickly, retain and encourage your visitors to make an enquiry and or a purchase.

An overcrowded and disjointed homepage is never appealing, and will likely fail to convey your key messages and USP’s. Too much text can be overbearing and a particular turn-off for those viewing on mobile devices with small screens.

An animated video not only provides the opportunity to neatly package your offering within an easily digested format but also provides you with the opportunity to spruce up your homepage, keeping it clean, fresh and more appealing to visitors.

More than just words
Trying to communicate the essence, personality and principles behind your business through words alone is not always easy, but it is becoming more important as consumers are turning more attention to these details when choosing the brands and products they consume.

Video is a fantastic way for you to genuinely engage with your visitors and demonstrate your brand personality. The animated whiteboard above demonstrates how in only one minute a relatively complex subject can be wrapped and packaged in an entertaining, friendly and approachable manner, helping to instill confidence in the company and  encourage the viewer to find out more.

For services, products and perhaps investment opportunities that are not particularly self descriptive a degree of explanation will likely be required. When considering a video for your business a typical scenario is to demonstrate the challenges that may face your target audience, then follow this up with how you provide the solution to them. This formula is best applied and adapted by developing a story that your audience can easily relate to – with a video being the natural way to present it to your audience.

Whiteboard animations
Whiteboards are a fantastic format for telling a story – they work by stimulating what’s known as ‘viewer anticipation’ – a reaction we have all experienced when we’ve stopped in the street to watch what an artist is creating. This reaction makes whiteboards perfect at grabbing and keeping the attention of website visitors.

Research in recent years by Dr Richard Wiseman, Psychology Professor at the University of Hertfordshire has proved that whiteboard animations dramatically improve the transfer and retention of information in those that watch them – with on average a 15% improvement in how viewers recalled information having watched them compared to standard live video.

SEO, authority and lead generation
Google continues to place more importance on video content when returning search results. According to Forrester Research you are 53 times more likely to appear on page one of Google if you have a video on your website.

Google isn’t the only reason to consider animated videos though – including video within your email marketing increases click through rates up to 200%. Further still videos are proven to help improve lead generation, increase the time on your website resulting in lower bounce rates and most importantly increase authority in your brand… So what are you waiting for – start thinking of how you can tell your story!

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