How much do Explainer Videos cost?

As marketing and promo departments increasingly look to video to engage their audiences we look at the costs involved in producing animated explainer videos. Explainer videos are typically short videos accompanied by a voice over used to explain products and services, they’re often used on website homepages as an alternative to text content.

It won’t be any secret to those in the ‘creative industry’ that often there’s confusion over what effort goes into producing something that looks so much fun. Sure making animated videos is fun, but it’s not necessarily easy or cheap. Many of us can of course draw, even pull out a half decent cartoon bunny for the kids when needed, but the leap from static pencil drawing to a moving animation is a big one that requires not only artistic skill but technical expertise of software packages far more advanced than Microsoft Paint.


For those looking to approach suppliers about their own explainer video its important to know that prices can vary greatly, with costs being influenced primarily by three factors – the length of your video, the style of animation and the number of elements that need creating.

As with most film and video production time is of the essence and seconds count. It is often recommended to keep things short when creating explainers, albeit a short video that’s poorly animated will still fail to engage your audience and return on your investment.

The style of your video will also determine the cost, the more involved and detailed the animation the more expensive its likely to be, so if you’re looking for that Disneyesque feel expect a budget to match.

Suppliers will also take into account the number of elements that need creating; for example a video that involves one central character in one scene will be cheaper than a similar length video that involves a dozen or so different characters all in varying scenes.

For reputable suppliers with proven experience in creating animated explainer videos including script writing and marketing expertise expect prices to range from £1000 per minute to £10,000 plus for the most detailed 2D animated productions.

Top tips when approaching suppliers:

If you’re looking to approach a company for an accurate estimate for a video then try and help them understand what you’re looking for…

How do you want it to look?
Animation styles vary hugely from simple whiteboard animations to full on Disneyesque productions, in turn the costs vary, typically reflecting how involved the style is. If you’ve seen videos on YouTube or perhaps from your competitors that you like send them to suppliers you’re approaching, that way they can let you know the costs involved in creating something similar.

How long is your video?
The length is critical in most kinds of video and film production, and the length of explainer videos tend to be dictated by the script. Typically one minute of video equates to 120 spoken words, taking into account pauses and scene changes.

It’s all in the script!
A well written script is the foundation of a great explainer video. Most suppliers should provide a degree of script writing assistance, although they will need guidance from you to understand your company, product or service in order to put it into words. Again if you can provide an idea of what you want to say, even a draft script, it’ll help suppliers to estimate accurately.

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