How important is audio in your video?

As more of us move towards video content in a bid to engage an audience with an ever decreasing attention span, it’s worth remembering the importance of audio or perhaps lack of it when creating our videos. Whether it’s an explainer video, product demo, training or public information video your audio content will influence how effective it is upon your audience.

Your voice over and perhaps backing music will help set the tone of your video and portray a sense of personality and feeling. The right voice over can help add credibility and instil trust in your message, and most importantly reinforce the visual message.

Choosing the right voice over can be very persuasive, consider who your target audience is – male, female, young, old, and then choose a voice that best fits the demographic. For example if you’re a children’s nursery centre then using a child’s voice in your promo video is likely to hit the right note to engage with parents.

The right backing music along with it’s volume can either make us swing along and signup to your message or distract us from it, and at worst make us turn off altogether.

This ‘Be Crocwise’ video by the Northern Territory Government was aimed at educating indigenous people of Australia on the dangers of saltwater crocodiles. It not only made great use of animation but also put the audio at the centre of the video to create a truly memorable watch, not your average public information video – Now let’s swing!…



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