Using animated videos to drive traffic at Halloween.

Halloween has increasingly become commercialised in the UK and provided sales not only to specialists such as fancy dress retailers but also to many other highstreet retailers and supermarkets that have aimed to get in on the act as more us get into the spirit of “All Hallows’ Evening”.



Like all festive holidays and special events the period to engage audiences is relatively short, so finding effective ways to to engage your audiences attention is absolutely crucial to your success. Animated videos are a great way of engaging your customers at these times, whether it’s through compelling explainer videos illustrating the benefits of your products and services to entertaining shorts designed to encourage social shares and to go viral, animated video can help you hit the marketing sweet spot at the right time.

So what do you have to consider if you want to create a storming animated video?

1. What’s the objective of your video?
This may sound obvious, but the objective of your video is all important, it will dictate concepts and content. Do you want to engage visitors to your website more effectively, engage social media followers and encourage them to share your video. Perhaps you want people to sign up to a newsletter, enter a competition or fill out a contact form.

2. Who is your audience?
Knowing your audience is crucial to any TV or video production. Demographics have a great deal of influence upon content, if you’re selling fancy dress costumes during Halloween it’s fair to say that you’re appealing on the whole to younger audience. If on the other hand you’re selling snow clearing shovels for winter then your audience is largely adults, and most likely drivers in particular.

3. What are your key messages?
The success of your video will be down to your script, and the messages that you convey will be determined by the objective of your video and the audience that you’re targeting.

For those further down the line of the video process there are more specific considerations when creating an animated video, points that will be useful for when you’re approaching a supplier for an estimate of the costs involved…

4. How long is your video?
As with most TV and video production the length of your video is important, both in respect of keeping your audience engaged and also for establishing likely costs. The length on the whole is dictated by your script. Bear in mind that one minute of video is approximately 120 words taking into consideration pauses and scene changes.

5. What style of animation do you want?
The beauty of animation is that you’re not constrained by sets, lighting, camera crews or any of the other issues associated with live video. You can let your imagine run wild and rest assured there’s always a way to communicate a message through animation. When considering the style of your video its always worth taking note of videos that you’ve already seen and liked. That way a supplier can provide a more accurate idea of the costs involved.

6. How quickly do you need your video.
Planning ahead will always reduce problems and costs, so if you’re wanting a heart warming video for Christmas, perhaps an animated e-card for clients or a seasonal explainer video telling customers why they should book their companies Christmas do at your establishment then get thinking of your requirements today.

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