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We are an explainer video company that brings creativity and life to your animated explainer video!

Animated explainers are a proven way to get your message across in a more dynamic way and to encourage more enquiries and better engagement.

Studies have shown time and again that a person would rather watch a 1 to 2 minute animated video than read a lengthy web page. With the added benefit that they are more likely to remember what they have seen and heard, over what they have read.

Just creating an animated video, is not enough. Each explainer video needs careful planning and thought. Simply having a video for the sake of it being a video will not get you the results you want. This is why choosing the right animation company is crucial.

As an experienced explainer video company, we take great pride in every project we work on and this shines through in the work that we do. We love telling stories and showing these in an engaging and fun way.

So how much does an animated explainer video cost?

Explainer companies come in all shapes and sizes and explainer videos can vary in style, length and complexity. Each of these has an impact on the costs. So it’s reasonable to expect that a 2 minute explainer video costs twice as much as a 1 minute explainer video. Well almost! The setup time, creating visuals and creating a visual storyboard can take as long no matter whether it is for a 1 minute or 2 minute animated video.

A static image on the screen for 10 seconds whilst may look visually stunning will cost less than a scene that lasts 10 seconds and has an animated character moving and jumping around. As the scene is more animated this requires more time, effort and of course, money.

So with this in mind, it is always hard to be specific about exactly what your explainer video would cost, but as a guide, we would recommend allowing £1,000 per minute upwards. That said, it is possible to produce an explainer video for less, it’s just a question of balancing expectations.

What is the difference between a 2D explainer video or motion graphic explainer?

Animated explainer videos can be produced in various ways, and sometimes they are referred to as either 2D explainer videos or motion graphic explainers. 2D animated video is a style that refers to a 2 dimensional flat image, rather than the alternative 3D style where the objects can spin around and animate within a 3D environment. With 2D animation, the images can still look very dynamic and there are lots of styles of artwork that can be created, but as a general rule 2D animation is quicker and cheaper to produce.

This is not always the case, but we are talking in general terms. Motion graphic animation is usually a term used when simple digital objects are being used, and are moving around a scene giving the illusion of movement. Often the art style for this is very clean and looks obviously computer generated. Unlike 2D animation where the art style and animation looks very hand drawn and free-flowing.

2D animation and motion graphic animation are equally suited for the following purposes;

  • Marketing videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Educational videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Animated commercials
  • Product videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Company story videos
  • Social media content/advertising
  • Animated banners
  • Animated GIFS

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