Explainer Videos: The elevator pitch for the digital age.


In today’s connected world it’s more important than ever before that businesses find a succinct and persuasive way to sell their services. As audiences increasingly demand video content explainer videos are becoming the elevator pitch for the digital age.

An explainer video on a website provides much greater opportunity to control and curate the users experience. Our websites aim to explain who we are, what we do and why visitors should choose us, but in reality it’s difficult to control how visitors obtain these messages and how they interpret them.

Explainer videos provide the perfect way to choreograph the sequence that your messages are delivered in, as well providing a fantastic opportunity for you to deliver an engaging, entertaining message that’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Ultimately like any video or TV production the success of your explainer video is in its entertainment value. With so many vendors making use of stock resources and templates all offering similar results finding a supplier that can demonstrate the ability to strike the right balance between information and engagement, and create something unique, entertaining, and complimentary to your brand will give you the edge over your competitors.

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