See, hear, retain, learn.

What is an Eductional Video?

An educational video, as you may of already guess it produced solely for the purpose of education and learning. They are designed to be simple in style to allow the viewer to absorb as much of the information on screen as possible. These aren’t fancy marketing videos full of bells and whistles with distractions all over the screen, they are designed to maximise information retention. Our educational videos are designed and structured in way that allows the viewers eye to catch all the key points of the video at the right time. They maybe simple, but our education videos are pleasing to the eye and very effective.

Should I choose an Educational Video?

If you’re looking to teach and inform rather than sell, this is for you! Generally you’ll know this is the style for you but what works for one company may not work for another. We’ll help you if in doubt. Considering the target audience is also important, as producing a video, for example, that is fun and playful when the audience and subject matter is quite serious – may not work for you.

One of the biggest parts of creating an eudcational video is often overlooked, and this happens at the very start of the video production when planning and creating the script. How way a script is written and the tone of it, plays a very important part in how well or not your video will be received. A well-written script can make all the difference between a video that hits the spot to a video that fails.

How Much does an Educational Video cost?

Costs for an animated educational video can vary from job to job, but as a guide, we recommend around £1,000 per minute as a guide. There are of course many factors that can affect the price, such as how much text to drawings there are, how complex the drawings are, how many drawings need to be created and the style of drawing. The length of the educational video will also affect costs. There is also consideration given to how much time is spent helping to produce the script in the first instance, plus whether there is a professional voice over and music being used.

How Long will it take to produce my Educational Video?

To produce your educational video we would normally recommend a production time of around 4 to 6 weeks. That said, it is possible to create something quicker, this really depends on how quickly we receive feedback and whether we need to place extra resources into the production to meet the deadline. One thing is for certain, we would never take on a project we didn’t feel we could complete on time.

What is the process of creating an Educational Video?

Our production process is simple, and can be broken down into 4 main parts;

  1. Scriptwriting and establishing the look and feel for video
  2. Concepts and visual storyboard
  3. Voice over recording
  4. Whiteboard animation production
  5. Sound effects and music.

Each stage of the process usually requires feedback from yourselves. This in itself can affect the production schedule, but we help every step of the way to ensure things stay on track.

Why should I Choose Yudle to create my Educational Video?

Yudle Animation has been producing high-quality bespoke educational videos for over 5 years. We have created animated videos for clients such as Google, Subway Foods, The Premier League and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Whilst our main client base is smaller SME’s we have a track record of being able to price consistently high-quality animated videos for all levels of business.

Our educational videos are totally unique, everything we draw is hand drawn and bespoke to your video, we don’t use clip art or stock images like many competitors. This means your video is 100% copyright safe. Plus being unique to you means this has an increased chance of standing out of the crowd and working better for you.

Consider Yudle for your next explainer video, feel free to call us on 0800 211 8571 or email us at [email protected]

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