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Ecommerce Marketing Videos

Selling Products on-Line? Drive traffic with Video

What Are Ecommerce Marketing Videos?

Ecommerce Marketing Videos are designed to market Ecommerce websites. If you have something to sell, then creating a branded, animated, marketing video is an ideal way to drive more traffic and make more sales.

Ecommerce Marketing Videos can be quite short and focus on one product or a group of products. We appreciate you can not create a Marketing video for every product, so it is best to single out this important best sellers or highlight a particular range with your video to help keep marketing costs down.

Do Ecommerce Marketing Videos Work?

Ecommerce Marketing Videos are amongst one of the most successful ways to market and promote your products. TV advertising has demonstrated this for years. But with online video marketing it has never been so cost effective to use marketing videos for your products.

The important thing is to keep them focused and to ensure you target them to the right audience. 

Where should I place my Ecommerce Marketing Videos?

Youtube is one of the best platforms in which to advertise products using video. Youtube is the second largest search engine and advertising on Youtube is relatively low costs. Ecommerce Marketing videos can be show as pre-roll ads that play before the main video starts, or they can be promoted around the page.

The important thing is to ensure your ad targeting is correct to make sure you are not wasting your advertising budget on showing videos to users who are not likely to be interested in your products. Google provide a great set of tools to manage this, plus we recommend using an expert Marketeer to manage your ad campaigns.

How Much is a Ecommerce Marketing Video?

costs for a animated Startup Marketing video can vary from job to job, but as a guide, we recommend around £1,000 per minute as a guide. There are of course many factors that can affect the price, such as how complex the drawings are, how many drawings need to be created and the style of drawing. The length of the Animated startup video will also affect costs. There is also consideration given to how much time is spent helping to produce the script in the first instance, plus whether there is a professional voice over and music being used.

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