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Digital Content Creators

need digital content? look no further

What is a Digital Content Creator?

At Yudle, everything we do is considered digital content. All the artwork we produce and our whole production process is done on computers.

As Digital Content creators we find working digitally allows us to speed up the creative process, as we have no need to sketch-out things on paper and then scan these in to make them digital.

As all our content is ‘Digital Content’ editing and making changes is far easier than other traditional methods. If a client wants to change the colour or make a tweak to the design, this can be done normally far quicker than a real world traditional way.

What Hardware do we use as Digital Content Creators?

Predominantly we use Apple Mac computers as the main work horse for all our Digital Content. Attached to these we use Wacom Cintiq drawing screens. The Wacom Cintiq screens allows us to draw directly onto them with amazing accuracy and they feel great to use, almost as if drawing onto paper.

Our hard drives are Solid State Drives, to ensure the speed of read and writing is as quick as it can be. Especially when you consider a lot of the Digital Content we create has very large file sizes. It is not unusual for some video edits to be around 50GB in file size. 

What are the benefits to Digital Content?

As mentioned earlier, working digitally typically means we can make changes quickly and more effectively. This means the work that we do is less labour intensive and therefore this cost saving can be passed onto you, the client.

Digital content also means we can create duplicate and make small changes to colour quickly, so multiple digital assets can be created using just a few clicks of the mouse rather then being completely redrawn.

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