Did Jurassic Park invent the explainer video?

Now quite honestly it’s impossible to say who invented explainer videos as no one person did, but we reckon that you wouldn’t be far out by suggesting that one of the very first, and for that matter very best examples of an explainer video is the ‘cloning’ explainer in the first Jurassic Park movie way back in 1993. The video is part of the parks tour and sees park owner John Hammond played by Richard Attenborough show it to Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum’s characters as part of their ill-fated visit to the park.



This is not only a classic explainer video but also way ahead of it’s time in the way of production, combining both live video and animation. Of course in reality and despite this early example, explainer videos are in fact a relatively new phenomenon. Essentially they’re an extension of product demonstration videos and increasingly being used by businesses and organisations to effectively explain what they do. In fact you’d be hard pushed to find a more compelling way to engage with visitors to your website short of advertising your products and services free of charge.

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