Could Your Property Website Benefit From An Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are a great way to grab peoples attention the second they hit your website, keeping them engaged and retaining them for longer with your brand. They provide you with a unique opportunity to convey a sense of personality in your business which can be very difficult to do through text and pictures alone.

A video can provide you with a greater opportunity to showcase and present your business as you would to new customers that walk through your doors. It can represent your brands principles and instil trust in your website visitors that they’re in safe hands and that your agency is the one for them.





Explainer videos are designed to engage your audience and convey the features and benefits of your services in a way that people can consume easily, quickly and share with others. Animated characters can be used to identify with audiences and instil empathy.

Explainers are typically short, easy to understand videos that are designed to illustrate the features and benefits of your estate and or letting agency. They often start by defining some of the key issues and concerns that customers have and then offer a solution in the form of your products and services, ending with a call to action.



The key to the success of any explainer video is in the script, however elements including the voice over and backing music can all have a huge impact on how effective it is on your audience.

As consumers increasingly turn to video content to find out about the products and services they demand, making use of explainer videos for your property business can help you benefit in an increasingly influential marketing channel.

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