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Charity Marketing Video

raise more funds for your charity or non-profit

What Are Charity Marketing Videos?

If you are involved in a registered Charity or non-profit organisation, then creating a Charity Marketing Video is a great way to build awareness and help raise funds.

Charity Marketing Videos, should help the viewer relate to the cause you are working for, and hopefully encourage them to donate or find out more.

What makes a good Charity Marketing Video?

Charity Marketing Videos, are much like many animated explainer videos. With the addition that you need to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Typically you should approach the Charity Marketing Video by breaking it down into 3 main sections.

The 3 Main sections for your animated Charity Marketing Video should be to open with what the causes are that your charity is rising money for. Then explain how the charity is helping with these causes, basically where is the money going. Then finally a call to action, how can you, the viewer get involved, with a final call to action at the end of the video.

How Much Do Charity Marketing Videos Cost?

Costs for an Animated Charity Marketing video can vary from job to job, but as a guide, we recommend around £1,000 per minute as a guide. There are of course many factors that can affect the price, such as how complex the drawings are, how many drawings need to be created and the style of drawing. The length of the Animated Charity marketing video will also affect costs. There is also consideration given to how much time is spent helping to produce the script in the first instance, plus whether there is a professional voice over and music being used.

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