Autoplay Video In Social Media

Video has always been a powerful medium and despite what many may ram down your throat about how important it is for today, the reality is that video has always been able to hit the sweet spot for engaging audiences, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Asked what we’d prefer to do to find out the answer to something – either read 2000 words or watch a two minute video and most of us would opt for the latter. For starters its a lot less taxing to watch a video and secondly it tends to be a much faster alternative both for the viewer watching it and for the producer to impart their messages.

Speed is of the essence, as online consumers we’re famously impatient, typically scanning websites and on average reading less than 20% of text content which makes investing in video even more sensible.



Most recently video consumption on social media has skyrocketed as newsfeed-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter now silently autoplay videos, making it much easier to get people watching them. In turn marketers have embraced the close proximity to consumers, eager to engage a highly relevant and targetable audiences.

Finding ways to capture people’s attention without the need for sound is the order of the day, and animation can be cleverly used to increase your chances for people to continue watching. Loading your brand upfront with animated logo reveals and whiteboard animations both stimulate viewer anticipation that helps to retain your audiences attention.

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