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Animated Content

the basis of all our work, it’s what we do

What is Animated Content?

Animated content is largely a broad statement that covers most of the work that we do. If it moves on the screen and has motion, then it’s safe to say this can be classed as animated content. This said, there are some exceptions, that we will touch on below.

When is it not Animated Content?

I know sounds like stating the obvious, but yes, this is pretty much the reverse the above. If it’s a static image, doesn’t move, looks pretty but doesn’t move! Then it’s safe to say it’s not being ‘animated’. Now lets talk about those exceptions…

Is all Animated Content considered equal?

The Short answer is no, Animated Content is not all equal. The two very obvious stamens above, are of course a bit tongue and cheek, and I’m sure most of you can come to terms with the difference between a static image and animated content. So where do the grey areas start to appear, where is the potential for confusion I hear you say.

The Grey Area between Animated Content and Non-Animated Content

With an animated video it is possible that not everything is moving. In fact some scenes can be quite static, this is either due to a specific style of the video or perhaps that the budget for the video. This has meant we need to be a bit careful about how much movement we include in the video.

So when we plan a video, and almost always any thew storyboard stage, we think very hard about what scene have animated content and what scenes can allow for a more static approach.

The static non-animated approach is still classed as part of the overall animation, but in itself it doesn’t move.

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