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Animated Banners

for Google ad campaigns, your website or email

What are Animated Banners?

Animated banners typically short animated GIF files that animate in a continuous loop. Although initially they are likely to have been created in our animation software. Instead of being exported as a video or movie file they are instead converted into the GIF animation format.

The banners are usually quite small in size, depending on how and where they are being used. Banner sizes are usually measured in Pixels, as small as 100 pixels wide going up to 600 pixels or even larger.

Animated Banners over 600 pixels wide we would normally start to recommend using a video format instead as the file sizes start to become too large for GIF animations.

What are the Benefits of using Animated Banners?

Animated Banners tend to be very small looping animations. The file sizes are also small, so ideally suited when you want to attach them to emails, or for loading onto web pages quickly to advertise a special offer or specific product or page. They can also be cost effective to produce, as they can be quite simple in their design and animation, so lend themselves to be produced quite quickly.

Animated Banners for Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network has been around for many years. More information on how this works can be found here. But as a quick overview; you create a collection of Animated GIF Banners, the sizes and specifications can be found here.  You upload thees to the Google Display Network, which is found within your Google Adwords account.

You can then assign a marketing budget and where you want the Animated Banners to appear against certain keywords. 

Once the Animated Banners are promoted with the Google Display Network, your banners will appear on websites to promote your website, or offer or product. This is an ideal way of reaching a wider audience and to remind people who have visited your website but not enquired or purchased, of who you are.

Something to be mindful of is that Animated Banners tend to get very high view rates compared to other forms of Google advertising and lower click through rates. But this is normal and to be expected as it is the way in which banners are being called into many pages surrounding content.

Using Animated Banners within your Website

Animated GIF Banners are an ideal way to draw attention to a specific promotion or offer within your own website. Rather than having a static image or simple link. An animated banner can help enhance the look of the website and engage batter with the customer.

The Animated Banners tend to run on a loop, so you can have a message pop up and repeat every few seconds, helping your message to stand out.

Animated Banners appearing within your Email Marketing

When you send your customers an email, it is possible to embed an animated banner with the email or even call one in from a remote server. Either way it allows you to have a more dynamic and visually more impactful email.

The trick with animated gif images for email, is to not make the file size too big, so the animations themselves need to be simple otherwise you run the risk of sending out large email file sizes which no one will appreciate.

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