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After Effects Animator

Animation Software

What is After Effects animation software ?

After Effects is animation software created by Adobe. It allows professional animation studios like us to create fun and engaging animated explainer videos. So After Effects is a powerful software tool to help in the animation process. 

Who uses After Effects animation software?

Adobe After Effects has become some what of an industry standard within the explainer video arena. It’s quite a complex piece of animation software to learn, but the results can be varied and breath taking.

Most animation studios like us will have Adobe After Effects within their tool kit. We sometimes use Apple Motion instead as this offers some quicker and simpler to use features, so really it’s just a case of using the right tool for the job and not to get to hung up on the software itself.

Who else may use this software, well 2D animation studios, Explainer Video Companies, Digital Agencies and Video Production companies. Whether they are using it as part of their production pip-line or as their main production tool, Adobe After Effects is always a winner.

How does After Effects work?

After Effects animation software allows us to import the artwork we create. Usually the artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator. This file is then imported into the After Effects software and placed into the scene.

After Effects provides a timeline where you can keyframe the animations, along with a massive amount of customisable preset to control motion and animation. Everything can be fine tuned and customised, so there really is no end to what you can do.

Are there any limitations of using Adobe After Effects?

After Effects is an industry standard bit of software, used within the Film industry and commercial TV as well as video production for things such as explainer videos and marketing videos. The learning curve is quite big, so if you ever considered picking this up to learn yourself, then be prepared to put aside many many hours and days getting to grips with the basics.

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