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It’s a creative journey together

Well, firstly we need to clear up how to say Yudle, it’s a tricky one we know, but it’s pronounced “You’+’Dul”, originally a play on the words “You Doodle”.

Now that’s cleared up; the Yudle division was created by our parent company ‘Drawmill Animation Studio’ to fulfil the increasing demand for commercially focused B2B and B2C animated explainer videos and whiteboard animations.

This allows us a more focused animated explainer video company. Yudle is able to draw upon an incredibly talented and experienced team to produce highly creative and engaging explainer videos to a wider commercial market.

Drawmill was conceived back in 2010 by Jason Venus a long term artist with over 20 years digital art experience. Creating silly cartoons for anyone silly enough to pay, and what started as a hobby eventually turned into a fully fledged global company. We have since grown a small team of talented creatives based in Manchester creating a wide variety of animation styles for businesses, brand and agencies for Online, TV broadcast and training for companies and individuals all over the world.

Feel free to check out our demo reel below, showcasing some of our latest works

Meet the Team

If we’re honest we don’t get out much as us creative types prefer to lock ourselves away in a darkened room and do what we do best… create! But here’s the key people you will deal with.

Jason Venus

Jason Venus

Director of Creativity and Overseer of Fun Stuff.

About Jason...

Loves Coffee and Star Wars in equal amounts! Pretty much constantly glued to a computer drawing stuff.

Paul Ainsworth

Paul Ainsworth

Head of Production and Post Production Guru.

About Paul...

Enjoys spending time with his young son, in his spare time he’s a casual PC gamer, gym goer and amateur rock climber.

Lisa Hayward

Lisa Hayward

Assistant Animator Elf and Winner of the office sneeze award.

About Lisa....

An avid cartoon consumer loves fairies and unicorns, found sketching on the sofa watching preschoolers shows.

Seconds of Animation
Cups of Coffee drunk
Satisfied Clients
Days Since Last …”Accident”…

In a nutshell, Yudle Animation is a small but perfectly formed creative studio. We have been working in our current structure for over 5 years, working for clients both big and small, locally and around the world. We have worked on training videos, animated explainers for marketing, along with Youtube channels and even the occasional TV broadcast ads.

The founder Jason Venus, oversees all production work using his many years of creative experience, mixed with a sound commercial head and deep marketing knowledge. This means that when we approach a project, we not only are able to make it look great, but the way we structure scripts and approach challenges is based on a solid foundation of commercial and marketing understanding.

Consider Yudle for your next explainer video, feel free to call us on 0800 211 8571 or email us at [email protected]

Alternatively, click the link below and fill out our form.