6 of the best… Examples of kinetic typography

Now I think most people will agree that they’d quietly retreat from anyone discussing the wonders of kinetic typography at a social gathering. It’s one of those subjects best conveyed visually than in discussion over a glass of cider. As such here are six of my favourite examples of where kinetic typography is used to evoke emotion and reactions among audiences.


From Paper to Screen
This awesome piece of work is in fact a graduation project by designer Thibault de Fournas. The feature illustrates the evolution of typography itself, starting from the basic principles and rules of typesetting through to the application of typography in cinema. The animation is beautifully synchronised with Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune.



Childline: First Step
Created to promote Childline’s free 24hour counselling service and encourage those that have experienced sexual abuse to talk about it, this moving and engaging four minute animation was a collaboration between a London based ad agency and LA based production company. The video wonderfully illustrates how the creative use of kinetic typography and abstract art can be used to communicate the most sensitive of subjects.



Book trailer: You Are Not So Smart
This innovative idea for a book promotion illustrates how engaging a video animation can be when promoting a product, as well as being a nice change from relying on the blurb on the back of the book or perhaps Amazon reviews to get feel for what’s to come. The cleverly animated book trailer concisely sums up its content whilst conveying the personality and nature of the publication. Concentrating on the subject of ‘procrastination’ the animation is perfectly timed throughout with the voiceover and will surely have you agreeing and smiling as you relate to the odd point or two.



Apocalypse Rhyme
This is definitely one just to watch, turn the bass up and enjoy an emotive piece of work that exhibits how effective kinetic typography can be when its combined with an equally powerful narrative, in this case a poem penned by Oliver Harrison. What’s even more impressive is that Oliver created the whole production himself, in its entirety – writing the poem, composing the music and creating the animation for Channel 4’s Random Acts, a short-form daily arts strand on Channel 4, late nights, launched in 2011. The feature went on to win the ’Best Motion Graphics’ prize in the British Animation Awards 2014.



‘Anonymous’ infographic
This rather slick two minute explainer video or infographic tells the story of how online hactivist group ‘Anonymous’ came together in 2003 and subsequently went on to orchestrate various audacious protest acts upon large corporate enterprises. The animation combines bold 3D effects and stylised animation with kinetic typography and voiceover resulting in a feature in keeping with the mystery of the organisation itself.



Shop.vac music video
Created by Sacramento artist, musician and software developer Jarrett Heather this stunning example of kinetic typography began with a catchy song; shop.vac by Jonathan Coulton and a desire of Jarrett’s to learn how animation works. At around 1000 hours of painstaking work this epic video exhibits some remarkable detailing and features a number of different fonts suited to each part of the song.


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