5 ways you can benefit from a whiteboard animation

In todays congested world of online marketing there are numerous ways to get your message across, you can publish press releases, deploy blog and Facebook posts, Tweet to your heart’s content, fashion infographics and even create short video productions for YouTube. One technique you may not have considered is the use of a whiteboard animation…

whiteboardWhiteboard animations are short videos where a spoken script is paired with a simple animation to illustrate and enhance the audio message. This technique can be a highly effective marketing tool whether your aim is to attract more customers, inform an audience on a particular subject or increase your brand awareness. Here are a handful of ways that you can benefit from using whiteboard animations for your business.

Unique brand recognition
Whiteboard animations are a uniquely memorable way to get your message out to your audience and improve your brand awareness. As whiteboard ‘scribbling’ videos are still a relatively new technique, the companies that make use of them automatically gain recognition within their markets over their competitors that may use more traditional video production.

Better understanding of complex ideas and messages

Whiteboard animations are the perfect tool if you need to convey a set of complex ideas to your audience, whether they’re potential customers, a group of employees or perhaps students, as they take advantage of the way our brains consume and digest information. They can help to improve learning and message retention.

Perfect for viral marketing
Just as video content, whiteboard animations lend themselves to cross platform marketing, thriving on multi channels due to the ease to which they can be shared, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and so on. This in turn improves the chances for your marketing messages to increase targeted traffic back to your websites.

Make your message stick
Given the almost constant barrage of marketing messages and media inputs that we’re subjected to on a daily basis, we are rapidly developing a thick skin, not to mention an innate skepticism towards those aiming to reach us, whether they’re trying to sell us something or not.

Relying upon traditional marketing or educational techniques is likely to come up against significant resistant from your targeted audience. The visual storytelling used in whiteboard animations is a much more effective way to get through our inbuilt barriers and to ensure that you reach your intended prospects.

Sales Sales Sales

By no means last is the ability of whiteboard animations to convert browsers into buyers and ultimately improve your bottom line. One of the key aspects of the sales process is shouting about the benefits of your products and services, this of course can be difficult if you’re to rely upon text alone, but no problem for a whiteboard animation. Engaging visitors into the ‘story’ that surrounds your brand is a fantastic way to get them to identify the benefits you offer, and in turn make it easier to close a sale.

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