5 tips if you’re considering an explainer video in 2016.

Explainer videos are a great way to market your business with a format that’s much more easily digested than traditional text and pictures. But beware, unless you get the balance of information and engagement just right it’ll become just another unfulfilled marketing expense. Here are 5 tips on creating explainer videos.


1: BORING boring2

Don’t bore the crap out of your audience, they’re not interested about the deep and meaningful principles that underpin your every decision, your many years of experience, and how your gran-pappy started the business back in 1850. All that customers are interested in is how you’re going to solve their problems.


2: STRUCTURE   structure2
Just like feature films your video needs a story, with a beginning, middle and end. It also needs to instil empathy in your audience and explainer videos typically do this by presenting the problems that customers typically experience, followed by explaining the solutions and presenting how your products and services will solve them.


Explainer videos should do exactly what they say, explain! To this end try and avoid industry jargon, abbreviations and anything else that viewers might watch and go ‘mmm, what does than mean?’ Even if it’s a B2B audience you’re targeting, air on the side of caution, not everyone know’s what you mean.



4: CALL TO ACTIONcalltoaction
Like any marketing material your video needs a purpose in the way of a call to action. Whether it’s a phone number, link to a contact form or perhaps a call to ‘follow us on’ – your video is there to stimulate a response.


5: CALL THE PRO’Scheaper2
There’s always someone who can do it cheaper and DIY solutions that look all too easy until you’ve unwrapped the packaging, but with ever decreasing attention spans unless you succeed in engaging your audiences attention your video will fail. Professional suppliers will provide the marketing and artistic skill to ensure that your video is correctly targeted, and contains the right balance of information and engagement.

For more information about explainer videos call Yudle Animation on 0800 211 8571.

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